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Investing in rental property in Monténégro

  • A beautiful country with the old town of Kotor on the UNESCO World Heritage List

  • The rules of real estate respected

  • A country that offers a wide range: sea / mountains / countryside / important cultural and historical heritage / gastronomic culture

  • A strong increase in tourism

  • A strong demand for tourist rental flats with European standards

  • A profitability of between 8% and 10% excluding management with a property that is increasing in value from year to year

  • Full ownership of your property

  • 9% tax on income

  • Capital gains tax of 2.9% vs. 36% in France

  • Property transaction tax of 3% vs 8% in France

  • Property tax of 0.25% and 1% of the value of the property payable 1 time

  • Inheritance tax between 0% and 3%

  • Double taxation agreement on income and property with 45 countries, including France

  • Possibility of all-inclusive service: rental management and dedicated concierge on site for the entire residence.

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